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KrishnaIP: Free Unlimited IP API. Reach the World, Pay Nothing. 
Unleash the power of global IP data for free. KrishnaIP grants unrestricted access to a comprehensive IP API, empowering you to: 
  • Locate users worldwide: Pinpoint user location with city, country, and continent accuracy. 
  • Optimize targeting: Deliver personalized experiences based on user location preferences. 
  • Enhance security: Build robust applications with fraud prevention and threat detection tools. 
  • Fuel your growth: Gain valuable insights into your global audience demographics. 

No hidden fees, and no usage limits. KrishnaIP makes powerful IP data accessible to everyone, from startups to global enterprises. 

Start building richer, more relevant experiences today. Discover KrishnaIP, the world's leading free IP API. 

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  • 50k requests/month
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • No Support
  • Basic

  • 150k requests/month
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Basic Support
  • Premium

  • 800k requests/month
  • No setup, or hidden fees
  • Priority Support